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HODINKEE’s Jack Forster looks at double balance watches

The wristwatch with two balances could also be considered a particular case of the bigger class of timepieces with two oscillators. Pretty early within the improvement of the pendulum clock, experimenters and horologists seen that two pendulums may affect one another – as an illustration, if two pendulum clocks with pendulums of equal size are sitting on the identical shelf, they’ll have a tendency to start to oscillate in time with one another (normally, one pendulum swinging to the proper whereas the opposite is swinging to the left; this occurs as a result of that is the lowest vitality state for the system as an entire). Christiaan Huygens, who’s credited with inventing the primary sensible pendulum clock, noticed the phenomenon as reported in correspondence from 1665 however he by no means constructed a clock across the precept. One of many earliest-known horologist to make a double pendulum clock was Antide Janvier, a French clockmaker, who made a number of, alongside along with his near-contemporary Breguet.