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Jimmy Stewart Wore A Tissot In ‘Rear Window?’

Stewart performs L.B. Jefferies, {a magazine} photographer who’s sidelined after an damage on project relegates him to a full-leg forged and a wheelchair. He receives day by day visits from an in-home nurse who not solely tends to his damage but additionally offers him again massages as a result of, you already know, each damaged leg is mended by a very good therapeutic massage. Regardless of his unlucky damage, he is fortunate sufficient to be in a romantic relationship with Lisa Fremont, performed by the royally lovely Grace Kelly. After weeks and weeks of people-watching in his constructing’s courtyard, Jefferies has cause to imagine that foul play – homicide, even – has taken place in an residence throughout the way in which. The movie takes off from there. All through each suspense-filled scene in his claustrophobic residence, Jefferies has on an attention-grabbing, and now uncommon, Tissot wristwatch.